The Justice Doll is a job creation program, empowering
vulnerable African women. We believe all individuals have a voice!
The Justice doll seeks to identify and raise awareness of issues of Injustice, which aim to mobilize people to action. The Justice Doll is a powerful expression, representing your voice.

To empower Africa's vulnerable women with employment hand making Justice Dolls. Providing the means for them and their families to live productive, sustainable lives while influencing positive change for the next generation.

Providing the Justice Doll as a tool for local and global organizations that provokes action by giving a face to injustice and a voice that communicates your personal message. Together we will win the fight against injustice like human trafficking.

Partnering with others like you to identify and increase awareness of women and children suffering injustice worldwide. Inspiring individuals to action through speaking engagements, conferences, and training seminars.